The Top 3 Things You Never Know About Inter-tribal Marriage

“Don’t Marry outside of your tribe,” they said. Well, look at us now…

inter-tribal marriage

We know this topic is controversial, but What! We weren’t expecting the feedback we got from our socials; the comments section is currently on fire. We just had to bring ourselves to say one or two things about this very delicate topic.

In Nigeria, the concept of marrying within one’s tribe has been deeply rooted in tradition and has passed through generations. But before we proceed, let’s talk about what the word “tribe” means.

Tribe is, in simple terms, a group of people sharing common ancestry, language, culture, and history. It’s more like an extended family, a close-knit community where bonds are formed not just by blood but by shared experiences and traditions. 

Personally, growing up, I always thought of my tribe as my safety net, a source of identity and belonging. However, when it comes to the topic of inter-tribal marriages, the waters get murky. 

The old-age advice of “Don’t marry outside of your tribe” has been whispered in our ears since childhood. Although it’s a piece of advice that comes from a place of concern, a desire to preserve cultural heritage and maintain social cohesion, in this modern age, is it still relevant? I mean, as society evolves, so do our perspectives on love and relationships.

inter-tribal marriage
So, why do people desire inter-tribal marriages?

If you ask me, I’d say it’s about embracing the beauty of our differences and learning from each other. It’s about creating a future where love is the common language that binds us all. And I mean, love is the universal language that transcends barriers and knows no tribe. It doesn’t abide by the constraints of tradition or societal norms. 

Love is about two souls connecting, finding solace in each other’s presence, and setting out on a journey together. Additionally, intertribal marriages present a special chance to blend many customs, languages, and traditions in a multicultural nation like Nigeria.

inter-tribal marriage

Our quest for love should not be restricted to the confines of our tribes but rather go unhindered throughout the wide terrain of interpersonal relationships.

No doubt, the notion of marrying within one’s tribe has its merits, as it strengthens cultural ties, preserves traditions, and creates a sense of belonging within a community. But at the same time, intertribal marriage shouldn’t be viewed as a threat to these values.

Inter-tribal marriage provides a chance for us to broaden our perspectives, gain knowledge from one another, and enhance our lives through a variety of experiences. In our multicultural country, intertribal unions can foster harmony and unity by bridging divides between communities.

Inter-tribal marriage
So what am I trying to say?

Marrying within one’s tribe and exploring intertribal relationships have their own unique beauty. It’s not about challenging norms, but rather, it’s about recognizing the value in both approaches. Love has the capacity to forge deep bonds and promote a more compassionate society, regardless of whether it develops inside a tribe or outside of it.

Love knows no bounds.

Inter-tribal marriage

Speaking about Awele Residential, it’s important to note that this is more than just a physical location; it’s a vision, a tribe unto itself, where individuals from many ethnic backgrounds coexist together as a single community. I mean, imagine a community where numerous ethnic groups, like the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, and Efik, live side by side and share their dreams, customs, and experiences.

Awele Residential celebrates the diversity of Nigeria’s cultural mosaic rather than being limited by the borders of any one tribe.

So, as we discuss the delicate topic of intertribal relationships, we invite you to envision Awele Residential as a living example of unity in diversity. It’s a tribe where every ethnicity finds its place. 

Inter-tribal marriage

Ready to be a part of our harmonious tribe? Visit our website and follow us on our social accounts for more information about the estate. And if you missed out on our previous post, be sure to check it out.

Together, let’s create a future where unity and understanding thrive. 

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